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CURVE presents Five Girls Called Doris
in 3D -- at the Maidment Theatre, 5 to 7 April, 2001

An infusion of projected images, live rhythm, orchestrated electronic sound and innovative movement, 'Five Girls Called Doris' weaves the expectations and memories of an ordinary New Zealand woman into an evocative dance story. From birth to the kitchen, from religious flirtations to the dangerous discovery of her wild-side, we witness her most talked about adventures and cringe at her most embarrassing moments.

In 'Five Girls Called Doris' you will see some of New Zealand's freshest and most talented female dance artists. The sound score, by Charlotte 90 and ~not has already generated interest and will be available for purchase at the event.

Curve's 'Five Girls Called Doris' will have you giggling your head off, holding your breath or teetering on the edge of your seat.

Curve is a contemporary dance collective, with a priority to create innovative dance work for the new millennium. This group of women have been performing since 1997 and while dancing professionally, also specialise in other mediums. Curve has developed a reputation for its fresh perspective on contemporary dance and has a commitment to create original works that are accessible to the general public.

CURVE performs with the support of Creative New Zealand.

CURVE is an all-female contemporary dance collective with an urge to share moving perspectives.

Based in Auckland, CURVE dancers are professional women working together to create works for the new millennium. After training in dance and other areas, CURVE members quickly discovered the lack of opportunities for female dancers outside the ballet, cheer leading and musicals mainstream. Choosing to be empowered rather than depressed by this reality, CURVE presented their debut season in September 1997.

CURVE was founded by dancer/choreographer Karen Barbour and is dedicated to the advancement of creative women in the art of contemporary dance.

CURVE is described as:
"...impressive maturity and cohesion as well as talent..." NZ Herald 9/97
"...the best of what is coming from young dancers today..." DanceNet 9/97
" Interesting, evocative work- can't wait to see more" Shona McCullagh - May 99

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