1998 Achievements

By June of 1998, Karen Barbour, who had initiated the founding of Curve left New Zealand to sail across the ocean to Fiji and on to Canada and the United States. Susanne Bentley and Becca Wood became Curve's new Project Directors in Karen's absence. Curve's presence in the public eye has been less visible in the latter half of 1998. That's not to say that it's members haven't been busy. The Working Bodies project took place in mid-September, and meanwhile Susanne and Becca have been busy writing grant applications on behalf of the group for projects planned for 1999.

Curve's members have also been busy participating in other projects. It seems that everyone has experienced a fruitful and active 1998, working for others or creating their own work. The past year has seen an increase in members involved in Curve projects. This has been exciting and beneficial for the group.

September-Working Bodies Workshop

Curve created an opportunity for local choreographers to work with six dancers at The Black Grace Studios. This gave the choreographers time to experiment on ideas and working methods they may have had in a relaxed and creative environment. The workshop was voted a success by both the dancers and the choreographers. As a result we felt that the work explored during the workshop should be developed further. This lead to our successful application to Creative Communities for funding a short site-specific work which is planned for February.

Drift scene
Curve in rehearsal for "Drift". Photo by filmmaker JB Armstrong

May - Hamilton season

In May 1998, CURVE presented a collection of works in Hamilton at The University of Waikato, entitled "Hamilton Season". A feature of this season was "Drift", CURVE's underwater videodance piece featuring dancers Cindy Aikman, Karen Barbour and Becca Wood. In addition, CURVE Director Karen Barbour (former director of Unity Dance Co) presented two new works, a choreography for Unity Dance Co (the University student dance collective) and a new solo - "inbodymeant". Cindy Aikman and Megan Smith also danced solo works, and Karen and Megan choreographed and performed a new contact duet "Limitless".

Both the CURVE and Unity Dance Co performers enjoyed the experience of working together and hope to work together again in future Hamilton seasons.

CURVE's Hamilton season ran from May 7th to 9th, 8pm, The New Place Theatre, and was supported by the University of Waikato Cultural Affairs Committee.

April - professional development

April saw CURVE dancers furthering training by attending workshops with Contact Improvisation performer and teacher Nancy Stark-Smith.

Curve dancers
L to R: Karen Barbour, Cindy Aikman, Becca Wood in "Eye See U" choreographed by Raewyn Thorburn. Photo by Robert Fear.

March - Auckland season

CURVE presented "She said . . ." a new season of works from March 4th to 7th, 1998 at Central Road Studio (Kingsland, Auckland city) with the support of Arts Alive and Creative Communities. This season featured "Quartet", a work by guest choreographer Lyne Pringle and new works from Cindy Aikman, Karen Barbour, Susanne Bentley and guest choreographer Raewyn Thorburn. Also featured in the programme was the premiere of the short videodance work, "Drift".

This season was successful, although challenging for the dancers as a result of a tight budget, and was received favourably.

February - Workshop

CURVE and Creative Communities presented a Contact Improvisation in Choreography Workshop, February 5th to 8th 1998 at Black Grace Dance Studios (190 Federal Street, Auckland city). Tutors for the workshop were Catherine Chappell and Carla Martell and was open to all. Each day began with morning class and ran until 4pm. On Sunday 8th the workshop concluded with a Contact Jam at 4.30pm, open to all for $5. The workshop cost was subsidised by CURVE and Creative Communities at the fabulous price of $40 each.

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