1997 Developments

CURVE was founded by dancer/choreographer Karen Barbour and is dedicated to the advancement of creative women in the art of contemporary dance.

After training in dance and other areas, CURVE members quickly discovered the lack of opportunities for female dancers outside the ballet, cheerleading and musicals mainstream. Choosing to be empowered rather than depressed by this reality, CURVE presented their first season in September 1997, supported by a Creative New Zealand grant.

For their first season, Karen invited guest choreographer Ann Dewey (ex-Douglas Wright Dance Co, and DV8 Physical Theatre in London) to make a new work on the group of 7 dancers. Works by CURVE members were also performed. CURVE hopes to continue to invite guest choreographers as well as promoting work from CURVE members.

This first season was both a financial and an artistic success.

"CURVE...Let's hope they are here to stay..."
"CURVE shows an impressive maturity and cohesion as well as talent..."
"CURVE celebrates the singularly feminine form of their art with simplicity and style and the goddess seems to be with them..."
Bernadette Rae, The New Zealand Herald, 6/9/97.
"All pieces drew squeals from enthusiastic audiences...the group refines the best of what is coming from young dancers today..."
Briar Wilson, DanceNet 9/97.
"CURVE's debut came as a breath of fresh air..."
Iosefa Enari, DANZ Magazine 11/97.

CURVE aims to promote opportunities for women to create, perform and experience dance and related art forms. Public workshops will also be an on-going feature of CURVE work. CURVE will celebrate Auckland's unique spaces by creating site-specific works.

CURVE members Karen Barbour, Rebecca Wood, Kelly Nash and Susanne Bentley also jointly created Passages in March 1997 for the Wellington Fringe Festival, and have collaborated with others on projects during 1997. Members of have also appeared in episodes of Xena, Hercules and Amazon High. CURVE member Helen Macfarland was production manager for Hoop Production's immensely successful and popular 1996 site-specific Field Day.

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