Free Online Marketing

Online marketing you can do yourself

There are now many ways to promote your web site, products and services yourself, without any additional cost beyond the time needed. We suggest you allocate 30 minutes once a week for these tasks, or a morning every month, and schedule the activities throughout the year.

Your web site:

  • Your web site needs to be optimised for search engines to get the best possible rankings. Key messages and key terms need to be carefully considered. Text needs to be keyword rich and properly coded, and site structures need to be search engine friendly -- avoid frames and Flash, for example.
  • Your web site should include, where appropriate, call-to-action links and banners linked within the site to encourage cross-selling and up-selling.
  • Include a Hot Offers or Special Offers section on your web site to publicise current promotions
  • Include value added articles and presentations for download from your site to increase search engine indexing. Where suitable, add these articles to other sites such as which are well indexed by search engines and can send traffic back to your site.
  • Try to encourage suitable inbound links - these can help you achieve better ranking from the search engines.

Related activities

  • Email newsletters should link back to your site to encourage visits
  • Make sure your Facebook/YouTube/Twitter/LinkedIn/Flickr and blog material is also keyword rich and includes suitable links and graphics, the latest offers.
  • Ensure you have inbound links and/or recommendations from other web sites
  • Use the signature section of your email to send traffic to your web site
  • Post your events to event listings sites for your region
  • Send out regular media releases with links to relevant material on your site
  • Encourage word of mouth recommendations

If you have a online promotion budget, many of these activities can be outsourced.
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