Inbound Links

Get better search engine results with inbound links to your site

Inbound links from relevant sites can increase your site ranking in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN & Bing.

Theme based links to your website are particularly valuable, and can help to increase the "qualified traffic" your site receives -- that's the number of visits from people who are interested in a specific topic -- such as cycle touring, replacement carburetors, racing spinnakers, nautically themes necklaces....

Links from sites in your own industry and from industry-specific article pages are also particularly valuable as they increase the "authority" weighting of your site.

When you ask for an inbound link to be made to your site, you should provide the page address and link text you want used - or else the actual code snippet. Try to use relevant keywords in the link text (also known as the anchor text).

Ideally, you want these links to come from pages which are indexed well by Google as that will improve your Google ranking.

You should avoid: links from "framed" pages, links embedded in Flash pages, paid links, blog links (which may vanish), links from "link farms", links from sites which others consider offensive (such as pornographic sites, sites promoting questionable products, casino and gambling sites and so on.)

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