Good reasons for re-developing your web site

  • to provide greater value to visitors to the site

  • to increase the usability and/or accessibility of the site

  • to improve search engine indexing of the site

  • to reduce costs to your organisation

  • to increase the return on your investment in the site.

Some issues to consider as part of the redevelopment

  1. What are the purpose and objectives for your web site.
    What do you hope the site will achieve in the next year or two?

  2. What do you know about the way visitors respond to your existing site?
    What's working? What's not? Why?

  3. How well is the site managed and maintained?
    How often is material updated? What can you do to improve this?

  4. How accurate and effective is existing web site content (text, video, images, material for download, management and maintenance systems)? How can these be improved?

  5. Which material needs to be removed, replaced, revised, added? Where will new material come from? [Database structures and automated components can reduce the amount of hands-on time spent on changes.]

  6. What are the budget parameters and requirements?- do you need wholesale redevelopment, or will carefully managed successive incremental changes be adequate? Who are the best people to be involved in this work?

  7. Check that the changes will work the way you intend -- organise testers, try out the changes before you make them live, ask for feedback from users.

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