Better Seo Ranking

Simple steps to get better search engine rankings (via Search Engine Optimisation)

Keyword rich content creation, based in keyword research, is considered to be the most effective SEO tactic. See a recently updated chart of tactics.

"Keywords" are the search words that people are using when searching for products or services like yours in a search engine. These words should appear often in the text, captions and alt tags on any page.

"Keyword phrases" are those with direct relevance to your web site. These phrases should appear often in the text, captions and alt tags on your pages.

  • Each page of a web site should have its own keywords which reflect the content and objectives of that page. Select the keywords for your META tags from what's on your pages.   [NB you may need to rewrite your page text.]

  • The homepage should have the most general terms, and keywords should become more specific as you go into specialised pages on your site. A certain amount of repetition and variation of keywords and phrases related to your theme is a good idea.

The best keywords and phrases to use are those which have direct relevance for your site -- these need to appear in the text on your pages. Those terms which would narrow the search to your site are better still.

Keyword research - how to find the best keywords and phrases for your site:

Di some searches to identify your key competitors on the web -- observe the relevant keyword phrases they are using and consider whether the strategies they are using may be helpful for your site.

Keyword-tracking tools are available to help you identify the keywords of highest relevance for your site:,,

Make sure the most significant words and phrases for each page are included in the page's key META Tags - these are in the HEAD section and are not displayed on the page but you can see them if you right click and View/Page source

  • the page TITLE tag (6-12 words]
  • the page/site DESCRIPTION tag [12 - 24 words] - this is often shown as the text in search results so you wnat it to entice visitors to your site
  • the page/site KEYWORDS tag [12-24 words] .

Add new keyword rich text to your site at lest monthly to renew your ranking with the search engines.

Don't forget to update META text when you add new material. Updated terms can reflect new products or services, a different emphasis on what your site is providing, and/or changes in your business environment or objectives.

3. Building a Better Website
How your site is organized, designed, and built will affect its search-engine ranking.

Related content should be grouped together, and interlinked. Time-dependent content (such as prices) should always be up to date, and new content needs to be added regularly.

Navigation should be straightforward and easy to follow. Most content should be accessed within 3 clicks.

Frames and Flash menus should be avoided.

A sitemap should be provided for search engines.

All underlying coding should be valid and error-free.

The site should be hosted on a fast, reliable server.

Inbound Links

Once you have optimized your website, you want to attract links from other relevant sites in your industry and with an excellent reputation.

Be choosy about linkers. You want links that will add value to your site and which can send you visitors who will be interested in what your site is offering.

Lend your expertise. Provide valuable information and /or articles which demonstrate your expertise in your area of operations -- products, services, knowledge, advice, how-to go about activities... This should be original material which others may find valuable to link to.

Find out who's linking to your competitors' sites and get them to link to your as well.

List your site in relevant directories.

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