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Aerial Dance resources

Last updated 5 October 2003

Aircat Aerial Arts (Boulder, Colorado, USA) - http://www.aircat.net
AirDance (New Mexico, USA) - http://www.aquilaarts.com/airdance
Alban Elved Dance Company (Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA) - http://www.albanelved.com
Brenda Angiel Aerial Dance Company - Buenos Aires, Agentina - http://www.aerialdance.com
Canopy - Flying Dance Trapexe - http://canopystudio.com/
Capacitor (San Francisco, California, USA) - http://www.capacitor.org
Circo Arts New Circus Training Programme (Christchurch, New Zealand) - http://www.chchp.ac.nz/circoarts/
CirKids (Vancouver, BC, Canada) - http://www.cirkids.org
Cycropia (Madison, Wisconsin, USA) - http://www.glitter-box.com/cycropia
En L'Air Aerial Dance Theatre (New York, NY) - http://www.enlair.org
Exponential Theater Co (Leeds, UK) - http://www.expo7.demon.co.uk/page2.html
Flyaway Productions (San Francisco, California USA) - http://www.flyawayproductions.com
Frequent Flyers Productions (Boulder, Colorado, USA) - http://www.frequentflyers.org
Gemini Trapeze - http://www.trapezetwins.com/index.html
Legs On The Wall (Marrickville, NSW, Australia) - http://www.legsonthewall.com.au
ORTS Thatre of Dance (Tucson, Arizona, USA) - http://www.orts.org/
Ouroar (Germany) - http://www.ouroar.com
Project Bandaloop (San Francisco, California, USA) - http://www.projectbandaloop.org
Stage Fright (London, UK) -
Touch Compass Dance Trust mixed ability/flying dance (Auckland, New Zealand) - http://www.touchcompass.org.nz
Viva Aerial Dance Co (UK) - http://www.vivaaerialdance.co.uk/

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